Gog Magog Downs

The Gog Magog Downs (also known as the Gog Magog Hills or simply the Gogs) are a range of low chalk hills, extending for several miles to the southeast of Cambridge in England. The highest points are marked on Ordnance Survey 1:25000 maps as "Telegraph Clump" at 75 m (246 ft), Little Trees Hill and Wandlebury Hill, both at 74 m (243 ft). The area is undefined but is roughly the elevated area lying north west of the 41 m (135 ft) col at Worsted Lodge.

Unlike the nearby hills of the Newmarket Ridge, which have steep sides but very flat tops, these hills have large drops between summits and as such have quite a distinctive appearance; Little Trees Hill looks particularly good from Huckeridge Hill near Sawston. The hills therefore have relatively high topographic prominence. Other tops include: Limepit Hill 56 m (184 ft) — Mag's Hill — Copley Hill — Meggs Hill — Fox Hill — Clarke's Hill — White Hill

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... The earliest mention of the biblical name Gog and Magog for this region is found in a decree of 1574, forbidding students to visit the Gog Magog Hills on pain of a fine ... In 1989 the Magog Trust, a charity and registered company created for the purpose bought 163.5 acres (66.2 ha) of the downs for £330,000 so it could be returned to chalk grassland and opened to the public ... However the bulk of the chalk downs have been converted to a golf course since 1901 by the Gog Magog Golf Club ...
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... “ground it in mortars” in Numbers 118 taught that with the manna came down women’s cosmetics, which were also ground in mortars. 118 to teach that with the manna came down the ingredients or seasonings for a cooked dish. 3817 to teach that they prophesied concerning Gog and Magog ...
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