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Gluten-free Testing

As of February 2011, G12, the newest monoclonal antibody (moAb) available, is the only one proven to detect both cross-contamination in oats and also the inherent gluten / avenin that is only found in some varieties of oat. Alternative methods of detection, while currently accepted by many gluten-free certification organizations, are not in fact able to detect this second form of gluten in oats. This may partially explain why some celiacs react to oats and others do not.

A barley-sensitive ELISA called the R5 sandwich assay does not detect gluten in any of 25 pure oat varieties, but it does detect barley, wheat and rye. Disease-sensitive farming practices, antibody testing and species specific genetic testing are capable of producing pure oats. In the United States, 3 domestic GF-brands are available and one brand imported from Ireland 'reckons' to be 99.95% pure oats. Two brands in the United States use the R5 antibody test and claim to be below 20 PPM in defined gluten. However, the R5 antibody test has not been proven to be as sensitive as the G12 test.

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