Gluten Immunochemistry - HLA Class I Restrictions To Gliadin


HLA Class I Restrictions To Gliadin

HLA class I restrictions to gliadin are not well characterized. HLA-A2 presentation has been investigated. The HLA-A antigens can mediate apoptosis in autoimmune disease and HLA A*0201 in with the HLA-DQ8 haplotypes has been documented. The class I sites were found on the carboxyl end of gliadin at positions 123-131, 144-152, and 172-180. The involvement of class I responses may be minor, since antibodies to transglutaminase correlate with pathogenesis and recognition of extracellular matrix and cell surface transglutaminase can explain the destruction within coeliac disease. This process involves antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. With regard to a receptor called FOS, euphemistically called the "Death Receptor", enterocytes appear to overexpress the receptor in coeliac lesions, there is speculation that Class I presentation of glaidin, tTG or other peptides that invokes signalling. The role of class I receptor in cell-mediated programmed cell (enterocyte) death is not known.

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Gluten Immunochemistry - HLA Class I Restrictions To Gliadin - MIC
... These proteins are called MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence A and B ... Discovered by sequence homology analysis these proteins are found on the surface of enterocytes of the small intestine, are believed to play a role in disease ...

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