Gluteal Nerve

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Human Leg - Anatomy - Muscles - Hip
... longus •Adductor brevis •Gluteus maximus (fibers to gluteal tuberosity) •Gracilis •Pectineus •Quadratus femoris •Obturator externus •Semitendinosus* Notes ♣ Also ... from where one part radiates into the iliotibial tract and the other stretches down to the gluteal tuberosity under the greater trochanter ... inserted into the fascia latae abducts and the part inserted into the gluteal tuberosity adducts the hip ...
Greater Sciatic Foramen - Contents
... also make their exit from the pelvis through the greater sciatic foramen Location Name Vessels Nerves Above the Piriformis suprapiriform foramen superior gluteal vessels superior gluteal nerve Below the ...

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