Glottal Replacement

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Glottalization - Glottal Replacement
... When a phoneme is completely substituted by a glottal stop, one speaks of glottaling or glottal replacement ... In these dialects, the glottal stop is an allophone of /p/, /t/, and /k/ word-finally and when preceded by a stressed vowel and followed by an unstressed vowel (this also includes syllabic /l/ /m/ and /n/) ... 'water' can be pronounced – the glottal stop has omitted the 't' sound ...
English Phonology - Phonemes - Consonants - Allophones of Consonants
... This may be heard either as a glottal stop preceding the oral closure ("pre-glottalization" or "glottal reinforcement") or as a substitution of the glottal stop for the oral stop (glottal replacement) ... Glottal replacement often happens in cases such as those just given, so that football is frequently pronounced ... In addition, however, glottal replacement is increasingly common in British English when /t/ occurs between vowels if the preceding vowel is stressed thus getting better is often pronounced by younger ...

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