Glossary of Game Theory

Glossary Of Game Theory

Game theory is the branch of mathematics in which games are studied: that is, models describing human behaviour. This is a glossary of some terms of the subject.

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Glossary Of Game Theory - Glossary
... Acceptable game is a game form such that for every possible preference profiles, the game has pure nash equilibria, all of which are pareto efficient ... are granted under the different outcomes of the game ... A game can have no more than one strong dictator ...

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    The human species, according to the best theory I can form of it, is composed of two distinct races, the men who borrow and the men who lend.
    Charles Lamb (1775–1834)

    One of life’s primal situations; the game of hide and seek. Oh, the delicious thrill of hiding while the others come looking for you, the delicious terror of being discovered, but what panic when, after a long search, the others abandon you! You mustn’t hide too well. You mustn’t be too good at the game. The player must never be bigger than the game itself.
    Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)