Glen Fruin

Glen Fruin (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Freòin) is a glen in Scotland, adjacent to Loch Lomond.

It contains the Fruin Water which flows into the loch, and a military bypass road, now the A817 road, known as the Glen Fruin Haul Road, which goes from the A82 up the glen and over the top of the hills to HMNB Clyde at Garelochhead. It was originally built along with the Garelochhead Bypass Road in order to directly link RNAD Coulport and Faslane to the A82 road in order to permit easy transportation of warheads to the naval base from the Atomic Weapons Establishment.

It was the site of the Battle of Glen Fruin, one of the last clan battles in Scotland, in which an estimated 300 warriors on foot from the MacGregor Clan claimed victory over an estimated 600-800 men from the Colquhoun Clan on horse-back.

The road from Glen Fruin to Loch Long was known as Scottish Gaelic: Rathad Mòr nan Gàidheal, (in English "The High Road of the Gaels/Highlanders").

Coordinates: 56°3′13″N 4°44′37″W / 56.05361°N 4.74361°W / 56.05361; -4.74361

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