Glebe Terrier - Components


An ideal glebe terrier would comprise:

  • The church and churchyard
    • a list of everything in the church itself, including its fabric, furniture, plate, bells and books.
    • the churchyard with special notes about customary obligations to repair walls or fences.
  • The parsonage
    • a detailed description of the parsonage with its curtilage, a statement of how much of it is brick, wattle and daub, thatch, tile, plaster etc.
  • Other properties
    • A detailed description of other buildings in the parish owned by the Church of England, and of the rents charged
  • Glebe land
    • the amount of glebe which belonged to the benefice, often in yardlands, ploughlands or oxgangs, with all the abuttals and boundaries named.
    • how much meadow accompanied the ploughland and the method by which this meadow was re-allotted, usually annually.
    • how many cow-, horse- or sheep-gates were attached to the benefice and exercisable upon the common.
  • Tithe revenue
    • description of the tithe revenue of the benefice, with details of tithe-free land and the customary arrangements as to the collection of tithe, or the payments in lieu of tithe.
  • Use of the parish
    • notes regarding the use of the parish during Easter offerings, and mortuaries, surplice fees and other customary payments.
  • Income and fees
    • a list of fees which the parish clerk could charge for such things as burial, funeral sermon, breaking the ground, marriage and tolling the bell. These fees were used to maintain the clerk, and the church clock.

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