Glasgow East (UK Parliament Constituency)

Glasgow East (UK Parliament Constituency)

Glasgow East is a constituency of the British House of Commons, located in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. It elects one Member of Parliament (MP) at least once every five years using the First-past-the-post system of voting.

One of the most safe seats for the Labour Party, it has voted Labour since the 1930s. It achieved national prominence in 2008, when a by-election saw the Scottish National Party overturn a majority of over 13,000 votes to take the seat. At the 2010 general election, Labour's Margaret Curran won the seat back from the SNP, with a renewed majority of over 11,000 votes. The seat is notable for receiving the lowest percentage of votes for the Liberal Democrats for any constituency at the 2010 General Election, and for being one of only two constituencies across the whole United Kingdom where the Conservative Party polled under 5% of the vote.

The seat is entirely within the Glasgow City Council area, taking in the towns of Baillieston, Carmyle, Easterhouse, Parkhead, Shettleston and Tollcross.

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Glasgow East (UK Parliament Constituency) - Elections
... General Election 2010 Glasgow East Party Candidate Votes % ±% Labour Margaret Curran 19,797 61.6 +19.9 SNP John Mason 7,957 24.7 -17.0 Liberal Democrats Kevin Ward 1,617 5.0 +1.5 Conservative Hamira Khan 1,453 4.5 -1.8 BNP Joe T Finnie 677 2.1 +2.1 Scottish Socialist Frances Curran 454 1.4 -0.7 UKIP Arthur Thackeray 209 0.6 +0.6 Majority 11,840 36.8 Turnout 32,164 52.3 32,164 Labour gain from SNP Swing 3.4 Glasgow East by-election, 2008 Party Candidate Votes % ±% SNP John Mason 11,277 43.1 +26.1 Labour Margaret Curran 10,912 41.7 -19.0 Conservative Davena Rankin 1,639 6.3 -0.6 Liberal Democrats Ian Robertson 915 3.5 -8.3 Scottish Socialist Frances Curran 555 2.1 -1.4 Solidarity Tricia McLeish 512 2.0 N/A Scottish Green Eileen Duke 232 0.9 N/A Independent Chris Creighton 67 0.3 N/A Freedom-4-Choice Hamish Howitt 65 0.2 N/A Majority 365 1.4 +45.1 Turnout 26,219 42.25 -5.95 SNP gain from Labour Swing 22.5 General Election 2005 Glasgow East Party Candidate Votes % ±% Labour David Marshall 18,775 60.7 N/A SNP Lachlan McNeill 5,268 17.0 N/A Liberal Democrats David Jackson 3,665 11.8 N/A Conservative Carl Thomson 2,135 6.9 N/A Scottish Socialist George Savage 1,096 3.5 N/A Majority 13,507 43.7 Turnout 30,939 48.2 N/A Labour hold Swing N/A. ...

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