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Ideas From Fiction - Rules of Time Travel - Alternate Histories
... event that appears to have caused a paradox has instead created a new time line ... The old time line remains unchanged, with the time traveler or information sent simply having vanished, never to return ... A possible solution to this is to have the mechanics of time travel require that mass-energy be exchanged in precise balance between past and future at the moment of travel, or to simply ...
List Of Games Containing Time Travel - Board Games
... notes around, and the topic of the game occasionally includes time travel ... designed by Kelly Coyle Chrononauts Khronos Time and Again, packaged by Time Line Ltd, designed by Voss Worzel Time Master, Pace setter boxed game, designed by Marc Acres, with ... Falko Goettsch The following are sourced from various pages on Time Agent, designed by Thomas Lehmann in 1992 for Prism Games/TimJim Games players alter time Time Pirates, designed by ...
Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust - Time Line
... First World War 1929 - Wall Street Crash 1933 - Scottish Mortgage cuts dividend - the only time in its history 1939-45 - Second World War 1957 - Macmillan tells Britons they have "never had it so ...
Mont Clare, Pennsylvania - History - Time Line - Rail Era
... The line comes up from Philadelphia on the river bluff then turns out over the northern part of Mont Clare on a high viaduct that then crosses the Schuylkill River into Phoenixville ... The line crosses what was the front yard of the Mont Clare estate house ... In 1900, the Pennsylvania Rail Road (PRR) combined the line with five other subsidiaries to form the Schuylkill and Juniata Railroad ...
Lost Zombies - Overview
... Lost Zombies follows a fictional time line which begins in February 2007 with a Flu epidemic ... The time line leads to the present day where 75% of the world's population is dead or undead ... and written accounts that reflect some portion of the Lost Zombies time line ...

Famous quotes containing the words line and/or time:

    I love them
    for finding what
    I can’t find,
    and for loving me
    for the line I wrote,
    and for forgetting it....
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)

    Mrs. Susan Hart Neville: “Oh, Mr. President, it is so good of you to call on me. Won’t you please walk into the parlor and sit down?”
    President Wilson: “I haven’t time to sit down. Your house is on fire.”
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)