Gildemeister AG

Gildemeister is a German mechanical engineering company and machine tool builder headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany. It is a leading manufacturer of machine tools and their controls (such as computer numerical control). Products include lathes, milling machines, machining centers, and mill-turns.

The Gildemeister group has 12 factories located in Europe and Asia. Its turning machines are produced in GILDEMEISTER, GRAZIANO and FAMOT factory, its milling machines are from DECKEL MAHO GILDEMEISTER (DMG) and the ultrasonic and laser machines are from SAUER. Its products are used to machine automotive parts, mobile phone casings, plane engine parts, artificial hip joints, and laser micro cavities, etc. As of 2008, the group had nearly 6,000 employees in 70 self-operated national and international sales and service locations in 34 countries.

Since about 2009, Deckel-Maho-Gildemeister (DMG) has entered into a strategic partnership with Mori Seiki of Japan, yielding the DMG-Mori Seiki organization. The corporations have not merged entirely, but they intend to share engineering, marketing, service, and distribution resources where possible to enhance their competitiveness against rival firms.