Giant Planets Form

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PSR B1257+12 - Planetary System - Planets
... In 1992, Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail discovered that the pulsar has two planets ... These were the first extrasolar planets ever to be confirmed as pulsar planets, they surprised many astronomers who expected to find planets only ... Additional uncertainty surrounded the system, because of a claim of an earlier pulsar planet around PSR 1829-10 that had to be retracted due to errors in ...
The Sublimed - Dra'Azon
... Specifically, the Dra'Azon maintain a number of so-called "Planets of the Dead" worlds which, because the civilisations that originally inhabited these planets have destroyed themselves in ... Around such planets a Quiet Barrier is maintained, preventing communication in or out ... Changers, in the case of Schar's World in the novel) are allowed on the surface of such planets as stewards, and have routine though infrequent contact with the rest of galactic civilisation ...
Nebular Hypothesis - Formation of Planets - Giant Planets
... The formation of giant planets is an outstanding problem in the planetary sciences ... The first one is the disk instability model, where giant planets form in the massive protoplanetary disks as a result of its gravitational fragmentation (see above) ... to be the most promising one, because it can explain the formation of the giant planets in relatively low mass disks (less than 0.1 solar masses) ...
Planetary Core
... The planetary core consists of the innermost layer(s) of a planet ... core size can range from about 20% (the Moon) to 85% of a planet's radius (Mercury) ... Gas giants also have iron-rich cores ...

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