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Massacre Of The Acqui Division - History - Massacre
... Italian surrender, Hitler had issued an order allowing the Germans to summarily execute any Italian officer who resisted "for treason", and on 18 September, the German High Command issued an order stating that "becaus ... The Germans first killed the surrendering Italians, where they stood, using machine-guns ... After this stage was over, the Germans marched the remaining soldiers to the San Teodoro town hall and had the prisoners executed by eight member detachments ...
List Of Secret Army Episodes - Series Three: 1979
... safe house in France, and are rescued by Monique just before the Germans arrive 32 "Revenge" N ... Gavain), Robert Gillespie (as Zander), Guy Siner (as German Monitoring Personnel), Peter Richards (as German Monitoring Personnel), Jon Croft (as Guide) 13 October 1979 (1979-10-13 ... Meanwhile Reinhardt has set up a dummy German-controlled escape line and is bugging the safe houses to gather intelligence from the airmen ...
Boule De Suif - Themes
... original research The main theme focuses on French resistance to the German occupiers during the war ... Suif's personal resistance grows throughout the story when the coach is stopped by the Germans at the village of Tôtes, the other passengers meekly follow the officer's orders while ... Boule de Suif's resistance to the officer's sexual advances again shows her patriotism, something which is noticed by the other characters, who comment that ...
Tournai-sur-Dive - Tournai-sur Dives During The Second World War
... Some German soldiers lived there as well with their officer ... Finally, the priest and the German officer decided to both go the Canadian and Polish battle line near Trun and ask to surrender ... However, German officer became afraid to meet Polish soldiers because of their reputation of not taking prisoners,so they changed their objective and ...
Maryla Jonas
... a European touring pianist was overshadowed in 1939 by the German invasion of Poland ... A German officer who had once heard her perform in Germany took pity on her and had her released ... The German officer advised Jonas to travel to Berlin and visit the Brazilian Embassy for aid ...

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    No officer should be required or permitted to take part in the management of political organizations, caucuses, conventions, or election campaigns. Their right to vote and to express their views on public questions, either orally or through the press, is not denied, provided it does not interfere with the discharge of their official duties. No assessment for political purposes on officers or subordinates should be allowed.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    I am particularly interested in the indications that the people seem to understand and approve the necessity of pursuing the course that will prevent a further effort on the part of the German peoples to continue the struggle for world domination, even though they are thoroughly beaten in this war.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)