George Young (rock Musician) - Selected List of Vanda and Young Songs

Selected List of Vanda and Young Songs

  • "Friday On My Mind" - The Easybeats (1966) Aust #1, US #16, UK #6, also recorded by David Bowie and Gary Moore
  • "Good Times" - The Easybeats, INXS with Jimmy Barnes
  • "Love is in the Air" - John Paul Young (1978) Aust #2, US #7, UK #5
  • "Walking in the Rain" - Flash and the Pan, Grace Jones
  • "Evie - Parts 1, 2 & 3" - Stevie Wright, Pat Travers Band, The Wrights
  • "Hey St. Peter" - Flash and the Pan

" "Waiting for a Train" - Flash and the Pan (1983) UK #7

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