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Selected Works

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Monument Image Location/GPS Coordinates Construction Begun Cornerstone Laid Dedicated Sculptor Notes
Civil War Monument Granby Green,
3 East Granby Road,
Granby, Connecticut
1868 Carl Conrads New England Granite Works, contractor
Soldiers' National Monument Gettysburg National Cemetery,
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 3,
July 1,
Randolph Rogers
Soldiers Monument Taunton, Massachusetts Never executed
Civil War Monument Veterans Memorial Park,
Manchester, New Hampshire
May 30,
September 11,
Caspar Buberl

and others

U.S. Soldier Monument
a.k.a. Private Soldier Monument
Antietam National Cemetery,
Sharpsburg, Maryland
September 17,
September 17,
Carl Conrads, sculptor
James W. Pollette, carver
Height: 44 ft 7 in. Weight: 250 tons.
Statue exhibited at the 1876 Centennial Exposition.
Soldiers and Sailors Monument Lafayette Square,
Buffalo, New York
July 4,
July 4,
Caspar Buberl
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch Bushnell Park (Ford Street entrance),
Hartford, Connecticut
November 7,
Caspar Buberl, south frieze
Samuel James Kitson, north frieze
Albert Entress (1846-1926), 6 statues
James A. Garfield Memorial Lake View Cemetery,
Cleveland, Ohio
October 6,
May 30,
Caspar Buberl
Soldiers and Sailors Monument Oneida Square,
Utica, New York
October 13,
Karl Gerhardt
Major General John Sedgwick Memorial opposite Cornwall Hollow Cemetery,
Cornwall Hollow & Hautboy Hill Roads,
Cornwall, Connecticut
May 3,
James J. Hawley (1871-1899) Hawley's first (and only) major commission.
Base of Lafayette Equestrian Statue Lafayette Circle,
Capitol Avenue & Washington Street,
Hartford, Connecticut
1932 Paul Wayland Bartlett 1932 cast of Bartlett's 1908 equestrian statue
at Cours la Reine, Paris

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