Geonim (Hebrew: גאונים‎; also transliterated Gaonim) were the presidents of the two great Babylonian, Talmudic Academies of Sura and Pumbedita, in the Abbasid Caliphate, and were the generally accepted spiritual leaders of the Jewish community world wide in the early medieval era, in contrast to the Resh Galuta (Exilarch) who wielded secular authority over the Jews in Islamic lands.

Geonim is the plural of גאון (Gaon'), which means "pride" or "splendour" in Biblical Hebrew and since the 19th century "genius" as in modern Hebrew. As a title of a Babylonian college president it meant something like "His Excellency."

The Geonim played a prominent and decisive role in the transmission and teaching of Torah and Jewish law. They taught Talmud and decided on issues on which no ruling had been rendered during the period of the Talmud.

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... Eras Chazal Zugot Tannaim Amoraim Savoraim Geonim Rishonim Acharonim The form in which the rudiments of the Kabala are presented here, as well as the emphasis laid on ... the whole the same as that found in the mystical writings of the time of the Geonim, with which the work has much in common hence, according to the Jewish ... are identical with those of the Geonim, and the idea of the Sefirot is presented so simply and unphilosophically that one is hardly justified in assuming ...
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