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Bogza was the subject of a portrait painted by his friend Victor Brauner, which was itself the topic of scandal. The piece, defined by S. A. Mansbach as one of Brauner's "most fully realized Surrealist canvases of ", depicted the subject nude, with a severed head and elongated sex organs (symbols which probably alluded to elements present in Bogza's own texts).

Bogza's novella, Sfârşitul lui Iacob Onisia ("The End of Iacob Onisia"), has served as the basis for a 1988 film, Iacob (translated into English as Jacob, or, in full, The Miseries of a Gold Miner - Jacob). A story of violent workers leading miserable lives and tempted to steal for their livelihood, it was adapted for the screen and directed by Mircea Danieliuc, and starred Dorel Vişan in the title role (other actors credited include Cecilia Bîrbora, Ion Fiscuteanu and Dinu Apetrei). Writing for The New York Times, American critic Vincent Canby described the production as "uncharacterized and murky". Nevertheless, Romanian critics saw Danieliuc's production as an accomplished piece of subversiveness, arguing that the director had used a Socialist realist pretext to comment on the conflict between the Ceauşescu regime and the Jiu Valley miners (see Jiu Valley miners' strike of 1977). Bogza's trial has been the subject of an episode in the series Bucureşti, strict secret ("Bucharest, Top Secret"), produced by writer and political scientist Stelian Tănase and aired by Realitatea TV in 2007.

A school in Bucharest and one in Bălan were named in Bogza's honor, as were a culture house and a street in Câmpina. A memorial plaque was raised on downtown Bucharest's Ştirbei Vodă Street, at a house where he lived between 1977 and 1993. Câmpina also hosts the annual Geo Bogza Theater Festival.

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