Genna Crime Family - The Genna Brothers

The Genna Brothers

The Genna brothers consisted of six Sicilian brothers: "Bloody" Angelo, Antonio "The Gentleman", Mike "The Devil", Peter, Sam, and Vincenzo aka "Jim". In 1919, the Gennas became involved in bootlegging, they obtained a federal license to legally manufacture industrial alcohol, which they sold illegally. The Genna brothers operated from Chicago's Little Italy, which was located west of the Chicago Loop.

The Genna brothers began selling their extra alcohol at cut-rate prices outside of their territory. This produced a clash with the North Side Gang leader Dean O'Banion, who went to John "Johnny The Fox" Torrio and Unione Siciliana boss Mike Merlo to get the Gennas to back down. Torrio refused and O'Banion and his gang began hijacking shipments of whiskey that belonged to the Genna brothers. Torrio then ordered the Gennas to murder O'Banion; they carried out the hit on November 10, 1924.

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