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Founded after the Fall of the Systems Commonwealth, as a splinter group from the men and women of the Templars, founded by former High Guard Admiral Constanza Stark, their declared aim is to rid the Universe of all genetically engineered human beings. Unlike the Templars they do not just target the war-like Nietzscheans, the destroyers of the original Commonwealth, but also genetically enhanced heavy-gravity worlders like Dylan Hunt, bio-enhanced humans like the Inari, or simple genetic manipulations like Beka Valentine (who has had her strength, stamina and reflexes enhanced and gained the ability to morph her hair color at will by her father, although the last was due to nanobots rather than genetic manipulation).

The Genites were in hiding during the Long Night until Hunt's first year after his awakening, but are drawn out by the news of the existence of a reincarnation of Nietzschean Progenitor Drago Museveni: Tamerlane Anasazi, the son of Andromeda's Nietzschean crewman, Tyr Anasazi. They consider him a threat because he was prophesized to be the one who would reunite the Nietzschean Prides and lead them to conquest of all the sentient species of the galaxies. Their usual tactic is to obliterate small Nietzschean Prides that cannot adequately defend themselves against the awesome power of Genite military might. Beka Valentine characterized them as "intergalactic bullies".

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