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Planned Developments - Europe - United Kingdom - England (and Scotland)
... The Romans planned many towns in Britain, but the settlements were changed out of all recognition in subsequent centuries ... The town of Winchelsea is said to be the first post-Roman new town in Britain, constructed to a grid system under the instructions of King Edward I in 1280, and largely ... The best known pre-20th-century new town in the UK was undoubtedly the Edinburgh New Town, built in accordance with a 1766 master plan by James Craig, and (along ...
Beachwood, New Jersey - History
... The Reverend Henry Beck, noted historian of New Jersey towns, once said, “Beachwood is too young she has no history!” Perhaps to prove Father Beck in ... inception through 1924 beyond that Beachwood might well be another “Forgotten Town of New Jersey.” I have endeavored to correct this situation ... During the summer, Frank McCraigh opened the first store in town on Beachwood Boulevard ...

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    Let those talk of poverty and hard times who will in the towns and cities; cannot the emigrant who can pay his fare to New York or Boston pay five dollars more to get here ... and be as rich as he pleases, where land virtually costs nothing, and houses only the labor of building, and he may begin life as Adam did? If he will still remember the distinction of poor and rich, let him bespeak him a narrower house forthwith.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Most women of [the WW II] generation have but one image of good motherhood—the one their mothers embodied. . . . Anything done “for the sake of the children” justified, even ennobled the mother’s role. Motherhood was tantamount to martyrdom during that unique era when children were gods. Those who appeared to put their own needs first were castigated and shunned—the ultimate damnation for a gender trained to be wholly dependent on the acceptance and praise of others.
    Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)