General Der Waffen

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List Of SS Personnel - SS Generals - Obergruppenführer (Lieutenant General)
... Alpers Staatssekretär / SS-Obergruppenführer /Staatsrat / Generalforstmeister /Major der Reserve (Luftwaffe) 6427 March 132812 ... Max Amann Honorary SS Member ... Plenipotentiary of Denmark 341338 ... Wilhelm Bittrich Waffen SS combat commander, II SS Panzerkorps 829700 ... Ernst Wilhelm Bohle Leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. 1940, Frank became chief supply officer of the Waffen SS and Death's Head units under Pohl 8 ... April 1471185 ... Herbert Otto Gille Waffen SS commander 39854 December 537337 ... Curt von Gottberg Also ...

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