General Carter

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Makai Senki Disgaea - Episodes
... launching a surprise attack at the castle led by General Carter, the father of Jennifer ... ha Kimi da!" (明日の勇者はキミだ!) June 6, 2006 It is revealed that General Carter, though initially planned to save humanity, instead intended to take ... The others find that General Carter has installed a brainwashing device on Jennifer, but Kurtis manages to snatch it before he jumps off the battleship ...
In Like Flint - Plot
... compromising scene with a prostitute at a hotel the scene is then photographed and published by General Carter, who is working with Fabulous Face ... Flint is interrupted by General Carter and a force of turncoat guards who, after a struggle, believe they have killed Flint when he apparently falls into a document incinerator ... attempts to talk the women out of it, he is interrupted by General Carter, who is dissatisfied with his subordinate role and plans to take power himself with the aid of the fake president ...

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    He was as erratic but as inevitable as the weather.
    —Angela Carter (1940–1992)

    We ought, says Kant, to become acquainted with the instrument, before we undertake the work for which it is to be employed; for if the instrument be insufficient, all our trouble will be spent in vain. The plausibility of this suggestion has won for it general assent and admiration.... But the examination can be only carried out by an act of knowledge. To examine this so-called instrument is the same as to know it.
    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831)