Gat, Israel

Gat (Hebrew: גַּת) is a kibbutz near Kiryat Gat, Israel. It belongs to Yoav Regional Council.

Kibbutz Gat was founded in 1934 by Jewish immigrants from Poland, Yugoslavia and Austria. In 1948, some of the lands of the nearby Arab village of Iraq al-Manshiyya were transferred to the kibbutz. Primor, one of Israel's largest juice manufacturers, is operated by the kibbutz. Citramed, another company located in Kibbutz Gat, has developed a method to squeeze out the antibacterial properties in the rind of citrus fruit for use as a natural preservative in health products and the food industry.

The kibbutz's name is derived from the Philistine town Gath, believed to have been in the same general area. Also from the same source is the town of Kiryat Gat (literally, Gath city).

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