Gao Cheng - Personal Information

Personal Information

  • Father
    • Gao Huan, Prince Xianwu of Bohai
  • Mother
    • Princess Lou Zhaojun
  • Wives
    • Princess Yuan, sister of Emperor Xiaojing of Eastern Wei, later honored as Empress Jing, mother of Prince Xiaowan
    • Princess Ruru (蠕蠕公主), daughter of Rouran's Chiliantoubingdoufa Khan Yujiulü Anagui, originally second wife of Gao Huan, mother of a daughter
  • Major Concubines
    • Yuan Yuyi (元玉儀), the Princess Langye
    • Yuan Jingyi (元靜儀), Yuan Yuyi's sister, also created princess
    • Lady Song, mother of Prince Xiaoyu
    • Lady Wang, mother of Prince Xiaoheng
    • Lady Chen, mother of Prince Yanzong
    • Lady Yan, mother of Prince Shaoxin
  • Children
    • Gao Xiaowan (高孝瑜), Prince Kangshu of Henan (created 550, killed by Emperor Wucheng of Northern Qi 563)
    • Gao Xiaoheng (高孝珩), the Prince of Guangning (created 560, d. 577)
    • Gao Xiaowan (高孝琬) (b. 541), the Prince of Hejian (created 550, died from injuries inflicted by Emperor Wucheng of Northern Qi 566)
    • Gao Changgong (高長恭), Prince Wu of Lanling (created 560, poisoned by Gao Wei 573)
    • Gao Yanzong (高延宗), the Prince of Ande (created 555), self-declared emperor 576 (executed by Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou 577)
    • Gao Shaoxin (高紹信), the Prince of Yuyang (executed by Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou 577)
    • Unnamed daughter

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