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Compatibility Issues

The instruction manual for the Game Boy Player specifically mentions that "A few original Game Boy Game Paks may have display or sound problems," and that "Motion sensor, rumble feature and infrared feature Game Paks will not work with the Game Boy Player." The following list concerns Game Boy Advance games and accessories that have compatibility issues, be they software or physical hardware, with the Game Boy Player:

  • GBA Video: For copyright reasons, GBA Video cartridges are incompatible with the Game Boy Player. This measure was to prevent users from attaching the Game Boy Player to a VCR or DVD recorder and illegally copying the Game Boy Video material. The Game Boy Player detects the GBA Video carts and refuses to boot them, giving an error message. Even if the carts were playable on the player (which they are through the use of flash carts and Action Replay), the resolution was greatly reduced for the GBA medium, causing pixelation and sound pops that a large screen with louder speakers would pick up.
  • Action Replay/Gameshark: Most models of the Action Replay or Gameshark for the GBA or GBC are too wide to fit into the GBP's cartridge slot and often curl underneath the Game Boy Player system. One can overcome this problem by either modifying the device or simply through use of a ledge or propping up the system an inch. Despite these problems, most common Action Replay and Gameshark devices will work normally.
  • Motion sensors: Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble for Game Boy Color, and Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, WarioWare: Twisted!, and the Japan-only Koro Koro Puzzle Happy Panechu! for Game Boy Advance all use motion sensors. While they are all able to be displayed on-screen, they cannot be controlled properly due to the motion-sensing being designed with a Game Boy unit in mind and tilting the GameCube itself would be completely impractical. There are motion sensing patches for some of the ROM images of the Game Boy Advance games to allow for use on the Game Boy Player, but this method is not possible without a flash cart.
  • Flash Cartridges: Some flash carts will not work on the Game Boy Player.
  • Boktai cartridges: The game cartridges are shaped so that they do not fit into the Game Boy Player properly; they can not make electrical contact with the Game Boy Player. Since the games are equipped with light sensors, use on the Game Boy Player would be impractical, anyway.
  • Game Boy Micro: A Game Boy Micro cannot be connected to the Game Boy Player via link cable. The equipment required for a link-up is a Game Boy Micro Link Cable and a Game Boy Micro Converter Connector, along with a Game Boy Micro and Game Boy Player. The Converter Connector is built in such a way that the protruding piece of plastic on top prevents it from being inserted into the Game Boy Player all the way. It is interesting to note that Nintendo explicitly mentions on their website the possibility of such a linkup: " is required to link a Game Boy Micro to a Game Boy Advance system (including the Game Boy Player) for multiplayer action." However, by separating the two pieces of plastic on the end of the Converter Connector that connects to a Game Boy Advance, a linkup between a Game Boy Micro and Game Boy Player becomes possible. This, of course, voids any and all warranties on the Converter Connector.
  • Games with Integrated Rumble for Game Boy Color: If inserted into the Game Boy Player, games like Pok√©mon Pinball will display the game properly and are completely playable, but there are two issues with these carts: First, the carts do not fit into the player as easily as most other carts do, and second, that the rumble feature is not accessible to the player when played on the Game Boy Player since the cart is intended to provide haptic feedback through the Game Pak itself, not a GameCube controller.
  • Action Pad/Beat Pad - Sensitivity and time sync issues interfere with proper control of the 5 games in the DDR GB series.
  • Pocket Music - The Game Boy Color version is not compatible with the Game Boy Player. Instead an error message is displayed saying that it is designed for use with the Game Boy Color only.
  • Game Boy Camera - The Game Boy Camera does work on the Game Boy Player (looking at the album, stamping pictures, playing games, printing pictures, etc.), but the camera is at a fixed position, which makes it hard to take pictures.

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