Galvatron - Knowledge of Galvatron's Past in G1 Animated Continuity

Knowledge of Galvatron's Past in G1 Animated Continuity

Although Starscream appeared to recognize Galvatron as an enhanced version of Megatron in the movie, the third season of the series did not definitively explain whether or not either the Autobots (aside from possibly Optimus Prime due to his time in the Matrix, which was twice in Galvatron's possession) or the Decepticons were actually aware of the fact that Galvatron was once Megatron. Galvatron introduced himself to Ultra Magnus and the Autobots during The Transformers: The Movie as though he was a completely new entity, claiming he would crush Magnus "just as Megatron crushed Prime." While returning fire during Galvatron's attack Ultra Magnus retorted to Galvatron's statement with the comment: "And you'll die trying, just like Megatron!" This appeared to present the idea that the Autobots believed Megatron had perished, only to be replaced by what appeared to be a far more powerful foe. However Optimus appeared to insinuate during The Return of Optimus Prime that he was aware of Galvatron's former identity as his long-time foe, claiming he "knew too well" when the two were forced into an uneasy alliance when trying to recover an artificially developed heat and radiation resistant alloy needed by Optimus in order to find a cure for the Hate Plague.

There was also some confusion in the series as to whether or not the Deceptions aside from Starscream— who appeared to recognize him despite the changes Unicorn had made to his physical form— were aware of Galvatron being Megatron, though it had been hinted that Motormaster may have been aware of it during the first episode of the five part season three premiere Five Faces of Darkness as the Stunticon initially speaks of the power the Decepticons held before Unicorn's attack on Cybertron, which Megatron had come to rule sometime prior to the events of the feature film. Cyclonus is quick to correct Motormaster on the matter claiming that he should be speaking of Galvatron, to which Motormaster responds by saying; "Well, they were the same guy". Despite this seemingly straightforward statement, there exists a statue of Megatron, which can be seen in the Decepticon crypt located on Cybertron, seemingly as a marking for a grave, during the episode Starscream's Ghost. This left the question of whether or not the Decepticons were aware of their leader's former identity somewhat ambiguous, and the matter was largely ignored as far as both factions were concerned until the aforementioned hinting that Optimus was possibly aware of the truth in The Return of Optimus Prime.

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