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Galerians: Ash received mostly poor or average reviews.

Critics agreed that graphics were "technically impressive with some fantastic looking areas", with "rock-solid sixty frames per second, even during boss battles". Although critics noted the repetitive environments, "everything had a very similar look and setup to it regardless of the room or area".

The sound to Galerians: Ash was mostly made up of industrial noises and clanging sounds. IGN stated that "the game music is pretty sparse, but what's there is decent". But IGN also noted that "the voice acting is missing real human emotion".

The major complaints focused on the gameplay. IGN noted that "this combat system makes no logical sense", while others critics did not like the charging system and lack of dodging. Critics also disliked "mixture of puzzles with battle" which create an artificially difficult game. Critics also noted that "many puzzle solutions being a little too vague and items being hard to find which leads to more running around and backtracking than action or progress". Several complaints were also aimed at camera issues, "there are just too many occasions where its spin causes confusion, especially when locked onto enemies".

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