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Antenna Measurement - Antenna Parameters - Gain
... Gain as a parameter measures the directionality of a given antenna ... An antenna with a low gain emits radiation in all directions equally, whereas a high-gain antenna will preferentially radiate in particular directions ... Specifically, the Gain or Power gain of an antenna is defined as the ratio of the intensity (power per unit surface) radiated by the antenna in a given direction ...
Spirit Rover Timeline For 2005 April - Design and Construction
... Communications depends on an omnidirectional low-gain antenna communicating at a low data rate and a steerable high-gain antenna, both in direct contact with Earth ... A low gain antenna is also used to relay data to spacecraft orbiting Mars ...
Low-gain Antenna
... A low-gain antenna (LGA) is an antenna with a broad radiowave beam width ... Low gain antennas are often used in spacecraft as a backup to the high-gain antenna, which transmits a much narrower beam and is therefore susceptible to loss of signal ...
Ranger 9 - Spacecraft Design
... full span of 4.6 m, and a pointable high gain dish antenna was hinge mounted at one of the corners of the base away from the solar panels ... A cylindrical quasiomnidirectional antenna was seated on top of the conical tower ... were through the quasiomnidirectional low-gain antenna and the parabolic high-gain antenna ...

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