Gaillard Cut

The Gaillard Cut, or Culebra Cut, is an artificial valley that cuts through the continental divide in Panama. The cut forms part of the Panama Canal, linking Gatun Lake, and thereby the Atlantic Ocean, to the Gulf of Panama and hence the Pacific Ocean. It is 12.6 km (7.8 mi) from the Pedro Miguel lock on the Pacific side to the Chagres River arm of Lake Gatun, with a water level 26 m (85 ft) above sea level.

Construction of the cut was one of the great engineering feats of its time; the immense effort required to complete it was justified by the great significance of the canal to shipping, and in particular the strategic interests of the United States of America.

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Panama Canal - The Future - Third Set of Locks Project
... a 6.2 km (3.9 mi) channel at Miraflores from the locks to the Gaillard Cut, skirting Miraflores Lake ... The Gaillard Cut and the channel through Gatun Lake will be widened to at least 280 meters (918 ft) on the straight portions and at least 366 meters (1,200 ft ... excavations of the 218 meter (715 ft) wide trench connecting the Gaillard Cut with the Pacific coast, removing 47 million cubic meters of earth and rock ...
Gaillard Cut - Completion
... Steam shovels broke through the Culebra Cut on May 20, 1913 ... The Americans had lowered the summit of the cut from 59 metres (193 ft) to 12 metres (40 ft) above sea level, at the same time widening it considerably, and they had excavated over 76 million cubic metres (100 ... excavation, having been brought into the cut by the landslides ...
History - U.S. Panama Canal Construction, 1904–14
... dirt fills (using excavated materials from the Gaillard Cut and elsewhere) or by building bridges ... The Central division, under Major David du Bose Gaillard of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, was assigned one of the most difficult parts excavating the Gaillard Cut (then called ... Building a usable ship channel through the Galliard Cut involved excavating a wide "V"-shaped trench through the often unstable mountains to get a stable 300 feet (91 m) wide ship channel ...

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