Fundamental Solution

In mathematics, a fundamental solution for a linear partial differential operator L is a formulation in the language of distribution theory of the older idea of a Green's function. In terms of the Dirac delta function δ(x), a fundamental solution F is the solution of the inhomogeneous equation

LF = δ(x).

Here F is a priori only assumed to be a Schwartz distribution.

This concept was long known for the Laplacian in two and three dimensions. It was investigated for all dimensions for the Laplacian by Marcel Riesz. The existence of a fundamental solution for any operator with constant coefficients — the most important case, directly linked to the possibility of using convolution to solve an arbitrary right hand side — was shown by Malgrange and Leon Ehrenpreis.

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... In signal processing, the analog of the fundamental solution of a differential equation is called the impulse response of a filter ...
... equations (PDEs), a parametrix is an approximation to a fundamental solution of a PDE, and is essentially an approximate inverse to a differential operator ... for a differential operator is often easier to construct than a fundamental solution, and for many purposes is almost as good ... It is sometimes possible to construct a fundamental solution from a parametrix by iteratively improving it ...
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... A sufficiently good parametrix can often be used to construct an exact fundamental solution by a convergent iterative procedure as follows (Berger, Gauduchon Mazet 1971) ... and P is a parametrix, this gives a right inverse to L, in other words a fundamental solution, provided that R is "small enough" which in practice ... functions, so the terms of the infinite sum giving the fundamental solution of L involve convolution of P with copies of R ...

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