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Magazine Compilations

Title Label Release date Format Tracks included
American Waste Bad People Records 2002-04 CD "Lack of Imagination
Ancient Ceremonies Vol. 2 Ancient Ceremonies Magazine CD "Slave"
Ancient Ceremonies Vol. 3 Ancient Ceremonies Magazine 2001 CD "Sissy Master"
Armed Forces Vol. 1 Ad Arma! Magazine 2001-07 CD "Roach"
Beloved Apocalypse Vampiria Magazine 2002-09 CD "Released"
Black Hole Vol. 1 Black Hole Magazine 2001-04 CD "Dead Red"
"Lack of Imagination"
Golden Lakes Productions Issue #2 Golden Lake CD
IBOL Records (Mag) (A) (Zine) 2 IBOL Records 2001-10 CD-R "Calcutta Cab Ride Part 2"
Legacy 03/08 Legacy Magazine 2008-02 CD "State of Panic"
Metallian Sampler N°37 Metallian Editions 2005 CD "This Means Nothing"
My Kingdom Vampiria Magazine 2001-08 CD "Roach"
Oskorei Magazine #5 Oskorei Magazine 2000-09 CD "The Meat People"
Shrouded in Silence III The UnderGrowth 2009-05 Digital "La Culture Du Faux"
Static Exemplar #13 Vol. #2 Static Zine 2001 CD-R "Sell Out! Sell Out! Sold"
"The Gift Of Shit"
"Swallow Up"
Your Sex Is My Drug #6 Your Sex Is My Drug Zine

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