FTP Clients - Free


Client Creator First public release date Latest stable version Software license Copy files over 2 GB limit Interface
cURL Daniel Stenberg 1998 7.28.0 MIT Yes CLI
Cyberduck David V. Kocher 2001 4.2.1 December 12, 2011; 11 months ago (2011-12-12) GPL Yes GUI
edtFTPj Bruce P. Blackshaw 2000 2.3.0 August 26, 2011; 15 months ago (2011-08-26) LGPL Yes Java JAR file
edtFTPnet Bruce P. Blackshaw 2003 2.2.1 August 26, 2011; 15 months ago (2011-08-26) LGPL Yes Windows DLL
FileZilla Community 2001 (January) GPL Yes GUI
FireFTP Mime Čuvalo 2004 (September) 2.0.7 MPL, Charityware No Firefox addon
Fugu University of Michigan Research Systems Unix Group 2003 1.2.0 May 2, 2005; 7 years ago (2005-05-02) BSD ? GUI
gFTP Brian Masney 1998 2.0.19 November 30, 2008; 4 years ago (2008-11-30) GPL Yes GTK+
lftp Alexander V. Lukyanov 1996 (August) 4.4.8 GPL Yes CLI
Macfusion Michael Gorbach 0 ? 2.0.4 BSD ? GUI
NcFTP NcFTP Software Inc. 1991 3.2.5 January 17, 2011; 22 months ago (2011-01-17) Clarified Artistic License Yes CLI
net2ftp David C. Gartner 2003 (January) 0.98 June 1, 2009; 3 years ago (2009-06-01) GPL ? Web interface
Swish Alexander Lamaison 2007 0.7.0 July 30, 2012; 4 months ago (2012-07-30) GPL Yes Windows Explorer shell extension
WinSCP Martin Přikryl 2000 5.1.2 GPL Yes GUI
Yafc Sebastian Ramacher 1999 1.2.1 GPL Yes CLI

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