Frontal Area

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Breaststroke - Technique - Leg Movement
... drag coefficient (or more precisely the frontal area) is thus doubled in the thrust phase ... Both effects together, velocity and frontal area, yield a thrust-to-drag ratio of 8 for the legs ... All other variants fail to increase the frontal area, yet swimmers using them still generate some thrust by the velocity variation and do not drown ...
Brodmann Area 32
... The Brodmann area 32, also known in the human brain as the dorsal anterior cingulate area 32, refers to a subdivision of the cytoarchitecturally defined cingulate region of cerebral cortex ... (H) its ventral boundary rostrally it extends almost to the margin of the frontal lobe ... Cytoarchitecturally it is bounded internally by the ventral anterior cingulate area 24, externally by medial margins of the agranular frontal area 6, intermediate frontal area 8 ...
Automotive Aerodynamics - Drag Coefficient
... Multiplying Cd by the car's frontal area gives an index of total drag ... The result is called drag area, and is listed below for several cars ... The width and height of curvy cars lead to gross overestimation of frontal area ...

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