Frock Coats

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Jacket Lapel - Origin
... lapel) originated in older types of jacket or coat that buttoned to the neck, by unbuttoning and turning back the upper part of the closure at an angle indoors or in hot weather ... garment such as an outdoor coat or a boilersuit ... The turn-down collar popular on earlier garments like the frock was succeeded by long lapels folded down to below the waist (fashionably tightly nipped in) ...
Frock Coat - Modern Use - Orthodox Jewish Wear
... In the Lithuanian yeshiva world, many prominent figures wear a black frock coat also known as a kapotteh (accompanied by either a Homburg or fedora hat) as formal wear ... years many Sefardi rabbis also wear a similar frock coat ... The frock coat amongst Jews is usually reserved for a rosh yeshiva, (maybe also the mashgiach and other senior rabbis of the yeshiva) and other rabbis such as important ...
Frock Coat - Parts and Cut - Formal Wear - Details
... Another characteristic of frock coats was their lack of any outer pockets ... of his time, was often seen in portraits wearing just such a model, but this was rather rare on frock coats while in keeping with the flamboyant nature of Wilde's dress ... Side pockets were always absent from frock coats, but pockets were provided on the inside of the chest ...

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