French Ship Oriflamme (1744)

French Ship Oriflamme (1744)

Oriflamme was a 56-gun ship of the line of the French Navy. She was built at Toulon and launched on 1743 by engineer and builder Pierre Blaise Coulomb. The ship was named for the long, multi-tailed red banner that was historically the battle standard of the medieval French monarchy. She narrowly survived one encounter with the Royal Navy during the Seven Years' War, but was captured during a later engagement, in 1761. She was not taken into British service but was used as a merchant ship, ending her days in Spanish service. She sailed on her last voyage in 1770, but her crew apparently succumbed to a plague and the ship was lost at sea.

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French Ship Oriflamme (1744) - Spanish Career
... Oriflammewas not brought into the Royal Navy, but was instead sold into mercantile service ... De Alvarez returned to his shipand a boatload of supplies was prepared, but bad weather drove the shipsapart and it was impossible to catch up with the Oriflama ...

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