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Royal Scots Greys - 1764–1815 - Campaign in The Low Countries
... With the French Revolution in 1789 and the increasing tensions between Great Britain and Revolutionary France, the Scots Greys were brought up to strength and then expanded with 4 new troops to ... Greys were employed as part of the screen for the Duke of York's army, skirmishing with French forces ... the Bays and the Inniskillings, charged the advancing French infantry ...
Charge (warfare) - Notable Charges
... All charges were repulsed with heavy casualties until the Saxon infantry, thinking the Normans were retreating, broke its formation to follow them and were routed by Norman cavalry ... Battle of Golden Spurs (July 11, 1302) French cavalry, consisting of many nobles is defeated in battle against heavily-armed Flemish militias ... that well-disciplined and heavily-armed infantry could defeat cavalry charges, ending the perception that heavy calvalry was practically invincible against infantry ...
Black Brunswickers - Waterloo Campaign - Battle of Quatre Bras
... French control of it would not only threaten the city, but divide Wellington's Allied army from Blucher's Prussians ... June 1815, after some initial skirmishing, the main French force under Marshall Ney, approached Quatre Bras from the south ... Facing three French infantry divisions and a cavalry brigade, the Dutch and Nassau troops were forced back but did not break ...
Royal Scots Greys - 1764–1815 - Waterloo
... As the French fell back, the Scots Greys and the rest of the Union Brigade arrived at the end of their fifty mile ride ... However, with the French infantry advancing and threatening to break the British center ... Uxbridge ordered the Household Brigade and the Union Brigades to attack the French infantry of D'Erlon's Corps ...

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