French Equatorial Africa

French Equatorial Africa (French: Afrique équatoriale française) or the AEF was the federation of French colonial possessions in Middle Africa, extending northwards from the Congo River to the Sahara Desert.

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... Society Egypt Egypt Britain 28 February 1922 Sarwat Pasha Urabi Revolt, Suez Crisis South Africa Union of South Africa Britain 11 December 1931 James Barry Munnik Hertzog Statute of Westminster 1931 Libya Italian ...
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... series for the colony followed in 1937, featuring local scenes and key (French) figures in the formation of the colony, with various color and value changes each year through ... The 1937 series was overprinted or just in 1940 by the Free French, and in 1941 they issued a series depicting a phoenix rising from the flames ...
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... and vaccination practices associated with colonialism, particularly in French Equatorial Africa ... The authors predicted that HIV-1 originated in the area of French Equatorial Africa, and in the early 20th century (when the colonial abuses and forced labor were at their peak) ... Ubangi River, either in countries which belonged to the French Equatorial Africa federation of colonies, in Equatorial Guinea (then a Spanish colony), or in Cameroon (which was a German colony between 1884 and 1916 ...
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