French Combat Vehicle Production During World War II

French Combat Vehicle Production During World War II

This is a list of French combat vehicle production before and during the Second World War. The numbers given are generally those of vehicles actually delivered including exported vehicles. However, it includes those vehicles not yet delivered in June 1940 in the 1940 totals. For the FT 17 only the French metropolitan organic strength and matériel reserve is given. The list excludes those types having been taken out of service by May 1940.

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French Combat Vehicle Production During World War II - Armoured Car and Half-track Production
243 946 It was intended to continue the production of the AMD 35 Panhard 178 at a rate of sixty per month ... numbers include some hulls not fitted with a turret, but exclude the continued production in 1940 for Germany which probably amounted to 176 vehicles ...

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