French Air Defence Radar Systems - Air Defence Chain of Command

Air Defence Chain of Command

The operational air defence chain of command consist of 3 main parts.

  • The Centre de Conduite des Opérations Aériennes (CCOA), the air operations command and control centre where the overall air picture is generated and evaluated, is responsible for all air operations and for the security of the French airspace. This military authority is directly under the French president Mr. Sarkozy.

The CCOA, is located in an underground facility on Taverny Air Base (Base aérienne 921 ‘Frères Mahe’) near the town of Taverny. In radiotraffic it uses the tactical callsign (tacticall) “Veilleur’

  • The Centres de Détection et de Contrôle (CDC), the control & reporting centres are placed in the commandstructure of the Commandement Air des Systèmes de Surveillance, d’Information et de Communications (CASSIC) and are the subordinating units to the CDAOA.

There are 5 fully operational CDC’s in the new ALA structure. These command & reporting centres are

  • CDC 05.901 Drachenbronn located on Drachenbronn Air Base (Base aérienne 901 ‘Capitaine de Laubier') at the town of Birlenbach with the tactical “Riesling radar”.
  • CDC 05.942 Lyon/Mont Verdun located on Lyon - Mont Verdun Air Base (Base aérienne 942 ‘Capitaine Robert’) at the city of Lyon with the tactical “Rambert radar”.
  • CDC 05.943 Nice/Mont Agel located on Nice Air Base (Base aérienne 943 ‘Capitaine Auber’) at the town of Roquebrune-Cap Martin with the tactical “Rhodia radar”.
  • CDC 04.930 Mont-de-Marsan located on Mont-de-Marsan Air Base (Base aérienne 118 ‘Colonel Rozanoff’) north of Mont-de-Marsan city with the tactical “Marina radar”.
  • CDC 07.927 Cinq-Mars la Pile is an air detachment of Tours - Saint-Symphorien Air Base (Base aérienne 705 ‘Commandants Tulasne’) at Tours with the tactical “Raki radar”.

The former CDC 05.902 located on airbase 902 at Contrexéville and the former CDC located on air detachment 922 at Doullens have been deactivated and transformed into radiocommunications and satellite control stations. Although their infrastructure is still present and conserved the radarstations are not operational anymore.

  • The Unité de détection aéroportée (UDA), the French airborne early warning (AWACS) unit located on airbase 702 ‘Cne Georges Madon’ near the town of Avord with the unit tactical "Cyrano". This airborne early warning unit, has been created in 1989 on the Avord airbase and consists of

36th Escadre de détection aéroportée (36 EDA), becoming operational in 1990 and equipped with 4 E-3F AWACS planes during 1990-1992.

Escadron de détection aéroportée (EDA 01.036) Berry and EDA 02.036 Nivernais are the 2 operational E-3F squadrons

Escadron de préparation des missions et simulation(ESMT 10.036) and Escadron de soutien technique spécialisé(ESTS 15.036), the mission supporting and the technical maintenance squadrons.

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