French Air Defence Radar Systems

French Air Defence Radar Systems

The French air defence organisation is integrated in the military Armée de l’Air (ALA), the French Air Force.

The defence of the French national airspace has always been based on 2 main aspects:

  • the peacetime security of the French airspace. This assignment is executed according to the fixed conditions of the French prime minister collaborating with the ministers of transport, foreign affairs, industrial, postal and communication services, interior management and colonial management.
  • the national military air defence consisting of all defensive and counteroffensive measures against eventual aggressors.

In peacetime, the air defence and air operations command develops and evaluates all possible classic assets of air operations in all kinds of theatres. In times of crises or at war, the air defence and air operations command is responsible for all offensive and defensive air operations.

The Commandement de la défense aérienne et des opérations aériennes (CDAOA) is the air defence and air operations command, and has the following primary missions:

  • to decelerate and to evaluate any possible threats for the country by controlling the French and surrounding airspace by radar
  • to present an actual airpicture on a 24/7 basis to all civilian and military authorities on which strategic decisions may be made
  • to secure the airsuperiority in the national airspace at all times
  • to prevent or to stop the use of the national airspace by any kind of aggressor
  • to alert all civilian and military authorities in case of surprise air attacks

CDAOA secondary, peacetime, missions are:

  • to command and control all military air traffic in cooperation with the civilian air traffic under authority of the minister of transport
  • to command and control all search and rescue operations in case of civilian or military air accidents

In case of need the main CDAOA functions will always be guaranteed on all theatres by the activation of air, ground or sea mobile detection units of all French armed forces. These units may be deployed at any time to support the fixed operational systems.

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