Free Nerve Endings

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Nerve - Growth and Stimulation
... Nerve growth normally ends in adolescence, but can be re-stimulated with a molecular mechanism known as "Notch signaling." ...
Cutaneous Receptor - Modalities
... corpuscle end-organs hair follicle receptors some free nerve endings) Aβ fibers Touch pressure Slowly adapting cutaneous mechanoreceptors (Merkel and Ruffini ...
Monomelic Amyotrophy
... EMG tests reveal loss of the nerve supply, or denervation, in the affected limb without conduction block (nerve blockage restricted to a small segment of the nerve) ...
Nerve (website)
... Nerve is an American online magazine dedicated to sex, relationships and culture ... Nerve's CEO is Sean Mills ... Nerve Media has produced several books, including The Big Bang Nerve's Guide to the New Sexual Universe, Sex Etiquette, Full Frontal Fiction, The New Nude and Sex Advice From.. ...
Mechanoreceptor - Types - Cutaneous - By Rate of Adaptation
... adapting mechanoreceptors include Merkel and Ruffini corpuscle end-organs, and some free nerve endings ... Intermediate adapting Some free nerve endings are intermediate adapting ... corpuscle end-organs, hair follicle receptors and some free nerve endings ...

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    Logic and hope fade somewhat by thirty-six, when endings seem more like clear warnings than useful experience.
    Jane O’Reilly, U.S. feminist and humorist. The Girl I Left Behind, ch. 2 (1980)

    Long live Free Quebec!
    (Vive le Québec Libre!
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    There must be some nerve and heroism in our love, as of a winter morning.
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