Fredrika Bremer - Selected Works

Selected Works

  • Teckningar utu vardagslivet, first work with Familjen H), 1828-31.
  • Presidentens döttrar (The President's Daughters), 1834
  • Nya teckningar utur vardagslivet, 1834–1858
  • Familjen H, 1831 first translated as The H- family in 1843, translated and with an afterword by Sarah Death, 1995
  • Midsommarresan : en vallfart, 1848
  • Hemmet eller familje-sorger och fröjder, 1839 transl. as The home; or, family cares and family joys by Mary Howitt in 1850 (reprinted in 1978)
  • Grannarna, 1837, transl. by Mary Howitt as The neighbours: a story of every-day life; in two volumes, 1842
  • Hemmen i den nya världen, 1853, Tr. by Mary Howitt as The Homes of the New World: Impressions of America, vol. I-III. Published in Sweden and London, 1853. Also at Google Books.
  • Hertha, 1856.
  • Livet i gamla världen (Life in the Old World), 1860-1862.

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