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Fighting Style

During his career Welsh was often reported in the British press as having learned his boxing trade in America, and therefore he had an ungentlemanly style of boxing, especially when compared to the darling of the National Sporting Club, 'peerless' Jim Driscoll. Welsh had a history of boxing in his family, with his paternal grandfather being a mountain fighter. Throughout his childhood Welsh fought, and used his skills to good effect when sent to private school in Bristol. By the time he arrived in America, Welsh was already an accomplished fighter, but used his time in the United States to refine his skills.

Although Welsh is often criticised throughout his career as being unable to knockout his opponents, his style centred on his footwork and ability to avoid punishment. He was calm, elusive and able to frustrate those who faced him, especially heavy hitters. Welsh would often finish long fights without injury, while his opponents suffered heavy damage. Whenever Welsh attempted to go on the attack to prove critics wrong, he often forgot his defence and allowed his opponents in at close quarters, though some sources state that Welsh disliked knocking out other fighters, especially those at the beginning of their careers. In his early days he relied on bodywork, especially his kidney punches, but when the punch was outlawed he did not suffer from losing this part of his repertoire.

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