Francesco - List of People With The Given Name Francesco

List of People With The Given Name Francesco

  • Francesco Barbaro, (1390-1454), Venetian politician.
  • Francesco Sforza, (1401-1466), Italian condottiero and Duke of Milan
  • Francesco Berni, (1497 - 1536), Italian writer;
  • Antonio Francesco Grazzini, (1503-1584) Italian writer;
  • Francesco Primaticcio, 1504-1570) Italian painter, architect, and sculptor;
  • Francesco Patrizi, (1529-1597) Italian philosopher and scientist;
  • Francesco I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany; (1541-1587)
  • Francesco Barbaro (Patriarch of Aquileia) (1546-1616)
  • Francesco Albani, Italian painter; (1578-1660)
  • Francesco Borromini, Swiss sculptor and architect; (1599-1667)
  • Francesco Cavalli, Italian composer; (1602-1676)
  • Francesco Maria Grimaldi, Italian mathematician and physicist; (1618-1663)
  • Francesco Galli Bibiena, Italian architect/designer; (1659-1739)
  • Francesco Bianchini, Italian philosopher and scientist; (1662-1729)
  • Francesco Antonio Bonporti, Italian priest and composer; (1672-1749)
  • Francesco Scipione, marchese di Maffei, Italian archaeologist; (1675-1755)
  • Francesco Durante, Italian composer; (1684-1755)
  • Francesco Manfredini, Italian composer; (1684-1762)
  • Francesco Geminiani, Italian violinist and composer; (1687-1762)
  • Francesco Maria Veracini, Italian composer; (1690-1768)
  • Francesco Zuccarelli, painter, elected to the Venetian Academy in 1763; (1702-1788)
  • Francesco Guardi, Italian artist; (1712-1793)
  • Francesco Algarotti, Italian philosopher; (1712-1764)
  • Francesco Antonio Zaccaria, Italian theologian and historian; (1714-1795)
  • Francesco Cetti, Italian Jesuit scientist; (1726-1778)
  • Francesco Hayez, Italian painter (1791-1882)
  • Francesco Puccinotti, Italian pathologist (1794-1872)
  • Francesco Rosi, Italian film maker (1922-)
  • Francesco Moser, Italian cyclist (1951-)
  • Francesco da Mosto, Italian architect, film maker and TV presenter (1961-)
  • Francesco Attolico, Italian water polo player (1963-)
  • Francesco Bruno, Italian sport shooter (1968-)
  • Francesco Postiglione, Italian swimmer and water polo player (1972-)
  • Francesco Totti, Italian football player for AS Roma (1976-)
  • Francesco Canova da Milano (Italian lutenist and composer)
  • Francesco Beschi, Roman Catholic bishop of Bergamo
  • Francesco Bernoulli, a character in the Disney-Pixar animation Cars 2
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