Fragrant Compounds

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Fragrance Extraction - Distillation - Dry/destructive Distillation
... Fragrant compounds that are released from the raw material by the high heat often undergo anhydrous pyrolysis, which results in the formation of different fragrant compounds, and ... This method is used to obtain fragrant compounds from fossil amber and fragrant woods (such as birch tar) where an intentional "burned" or "toasted" odour is desired ...
Perfume - Obtaining Natural Odorants
... a certain extent, distort the odor of the aromatic compounds obtained from the raw materials ... or through exposure to oxygen in the extraction process which will denature the aromatic compounds, which either change their odor character or renders them ... are submerged in a solvent that can dissolve the desired aromatic compounds ...

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    We can come up with a working definition of life, which is what we did for the Viking mission to Mars. We said we could think in terms of a large molecule made up of carbon compounds that can replicate, or make copies of itself, and metabolize food and energy. So that’s the thought: macrocolecule, metabolism, replication.
    Cyril Ponnamperuma (b. 1923)

    Moving between the legs of tables and of chairs,
    Rising or falling, grasping at kisses and toys,
    Advancing boldly, sudden to take alarm,
    Retreating to the corner of arm and knee,
    Eager to be reassured, taking pleasure
    In the fragrant brilliance of the Christmas tree....
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)