Fractal Cosmology

In physical cosmology, fractal cosmology is a set of minority cosmological theories which state that the distribution of matter in the Universe, or the structure of the universe itself, is a fractal. More generally, it relates to the usage or appearance of fractals in the study of the universe and matter. A central issue in this field is the fractal dimension of the Universe or of matter distribution within it, when measured at very large or very small scales.

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Fractal Cosmology - Publications
... The book Discovery of Cosmic Fractals by Yurij Baryshev and Pekka Teerikorpi gives an overview of fractal cosmology, and recounts other milestones in the ... It recapitulates the history of cosmology, reviewing the core concepts of ancient, historical, and modern astrophysical cosmology ... The book also documents the appearance of fractal-like and hierarchal views of the universe from ancient times to the present ...