Frøya Church

Frøya church (Frøya kyrkje) is a wooden "long church" in Kalvåg on the island of Frøya, in the municipality of Bremanger, Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The church is a part of the Bremanger prestegjeld in the Nordfjord deanery of the Diocese of Bjørgvin.

The church at Frøyalandet was built after the last church at Grotle was torn down, and the name Bremanger church was carried over to this new church site. In 1952, after the church at Hauge had existed for 37 years, a change of names was finally decided. The church on the island of Frøya was named Frøya church, and the church at Bremangerpollen was given the name Bremanger church. The Frøya church is a "sokn" (sub-parish) church for the Frøya "sokn" and is also the main church in the parish of Bremanger.

The church, with a seating capacity of 400, was consecrated on 11 December 1865, by the Dean Johan Carl Christie. The architect was the painter artist Anders Askevold from Askvoll. The church building was remodeled in 1933, 1940, and 1961. The altarpiece dates back to 1720 when it was used in the old church, located in Grotle.

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