Foxton Technology

Foxton Technology

Foxton is an Intel code-name for a power-management technology that was originally planned for inclusion in the first dual-core Itanium 2 processor (code-named Montecito). By providing very granular control of voltages and clock frequencies within the processor, it enables software performance to be optimized for specific workloads, while ensuring that power consumption remains below a particular value. Due to unspecified issues, Foxton was not included in the initial release of Montecito. According to sources inside Intel, it is under consideration for future Itanium 2 processor versions.

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Foxton Technology - How It Works
... Foxton technology includes a highly advanced clock generation and distribution network ... With this technology, the processor continuously measures total power draw, processor loads, voltage, and clock distribution quality across the entire device, and is able to produce extremely fine ... As a result, Foxton enables a processor to override factory adjusted settings, which are set at relatively high voltage levels at any given frequency to ensure stability against ...

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