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Fenway Park - Features - Foul Poles
... Pesky's Pole is the name for the pole on the right field foul line, which stands 302 feet (92 m) from home plate, the shortest outfield distance (left or right field) in Major League Baseball ... in this area are relatively rare, as the fence curves away from the foul pole sharply ... The pole was named after Johnny Pesky, a light-hitting shortstop and long-time coach for the Red Sox, who hit some of his six home runs at Fenway Park ...
... ball touches the ground, a fence or wall, a foul pole, a base, the pitcher's rubber, an umpire, or a baserunner, it is no longer in flight ... for batted balls striking any of those objects in foul territory differ between ballparks, with most considering such a ball to still be in flight, and some considering it to be a foul ball and dead from the ... If a batted ball (other than a foul tip) is caught in flight, the batter is out—called a fly out—and all runners must tag up ...
Glossary Of Baseball - F - Foul Pole
... A pole located on each foul line on the outfield fence or wall ... The left-field foul pole and right-field foul pole are used by umpires to determine whether a batted ball is a home run or a foul ball ... The foul pole is a vertical extension of the foul line ...

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