Forty-hour Week Convention

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Forty-Hour Week Convention, 1935 - Ratifications
... The following 14 countries have ratified Convention C47 Country Date Status Australia 22101970 ratified Azerbaijan 19051992 ratified Belarus 21081956 ratified Finland ...

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    The metaphor of the king as the shepherd of his people goes back to ancient Egypt. Perhaps the use of this particular convention is due to the fact that, being stupid, affectionate, gregarious, and easily stampeded, the societies formed by sheep are most like human ones.
    Northrop Frye (b. 1912)

    The press, that goiter of the world, swells up with the desire for conquest and bursts with the achievements which every day brings. A week has room for the boldest climax of the human drive for expansion.
    Karl Kraus (1874–1936)